The following dictionary program is not in active development. Hence, support is minimal on the tool.

Requesting all users to use at their own risk until a new version is developed and released.

Releasing Tel Eng Dictionary with Ugadhi wishes. The current version is 0.5 Beta and here are the complete list of features

  • English and Telugu words can be searched
  • Meanings of the words can be edited
  • Words that doesn’t exist in database can be added by user
  • Searched words will be stored in history
  • An additional tool random word is given to display random words at configurable time interval
  • An additional tool Telugu writer is given to write words in Telugu
  • Configurable keyboard hotkey is added
  • Search on hotkey enabled
  • Word search includes results displayed from Wiktionary.Org

Download link: http://dict.miriyala.in/dl/TE2EN.zip?attredirects=0

Screenshots of the application running on VISTA SP1:

Application Initial Screen

English to Telugu search

Telugu to English search

Dialog in vista before editing database

Meaning of a word before editing

Editing a word

Edit window with edit history

Meaning of word after editing

Random word window

History window

Telugu writer window

Options window

SQL query search

About Application

My special thanks to

for their contribution in ideas and suggestions

Wish you a happy Ugadhi

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